The original Sunbuster Window Blind

TJS Innovations Ltd was the company that originally designed and manufactured the Sunbuster Blind. Their method for attaching the blind was a gel strip which stuck to the glass and over a short period of time this was found to be problematic and they unfortunately shut down October 2012.

The Window Blinds have been redesigned

Sunbuster Blind has now been trading since November 2012. The Blind has been completely redesigned, materials have been changed and Velcro has been utilised as the method of attachment making this a safe quality product.

Hello my name is Jacqueline Clark and as a mother of two, I’ve had first-hand experience of sleepless nights and the problems associated with traditional roller blinds so I thought I would improve a great idea. I have thirty three years’ of experience within the design and manufacturing industry I'm also a dress maker, upholsterer and window dresser.

Three main problems with traditional Window Blinds

As you can see below there are a number of problems associated with traditional roller blinds, the need for tools, light appearing from the sides and most importantly the safety of your child.

1. Fitting the Blind

Not everyone has powertools, screwdrivers and hacksaws around the home and even for those who do, using them can be a bit of a struggle.

To fit roller blinds you need to drill into the walls, making unsightly holes and covering your room in dust, fit rawplugs, brackets, screw in screws, hacksaw your bar and also trim the blind to size.

roller blinds tools image

2. Poor blackout coverage

Traditional roller blinds allow far too much light in around the surrounding edges.

A trick many parents use to combat this is to hang towels and sheets over the top and down the side of the blind to block out the extra light, as the Sunbuster blind hangs from the window frame itself, the blackout coverage is superb.

light around the edges with standard blinds graphic

3. The blind cord

To me, this was by far the most important issue surrounding traditional roller blinds, as blind cords kill and injure children every year.

Roller blinds where unsafe for children image

4. Damage

Your walls can also suffer serious damage by repeatedly drilling holes for brackets.

If you live in rented accommodation the chances are you will not be allowed to drill into your walls for roller blinds.

damage caused by fitting standard blackout  blinds

How the Sunbuster is different

The Sunbuster Blackout blind solves the problems that traditional blackout blinds suffer from and much more.

1. Fitting the Blind - No mess, no fuss!

I consider using tools far too much effort to fit a blind. The Sunbuster blind comes custom cut to your own dimensions and simply presses onto your frame, easy peasy!

 a great blackout blind image

2. Superb blackout coverage

the sunbuster blind hangs from the frame itself,the blackout coverage is superb.

Sunbuster Blackout Blind - Blinds closed

3. Perfectly safe for your child

It was important to me that I designed a product which completely took away the need for a blind cord, the sunbuster blind is innovative in its design by using soft magnetic strips to hold the blind in a raised position.

Sunbuster Blackout Blinds - Blinds open

4. Keeping it neat and tidy

The blinds can also be double folded to the top if you prefer, by lifting the magnet to the half point of the blind, pinching the material and folding to meet the magnet at the top

shades blinds image

shades blinds image 1

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